About Us:
DGRR was founded in 2005. Since it's inception, it has grown to become the largest rotary meet on the East Coast, with more than 300 participants, in rotary cars, trucks, motorcycles, go-carts, dune-buggies, and boats. You never know what you'll see at DGRR!

DGRR 2017 (13b):
Event Dates: April 26th - 30th, 2017

Online Registration Closed.
Register in person at the event for $45. T shirts are not guarenteed

Need Direction?
Check out our Local Hub - Click Here for addresses and direct links to Google maps.

DGRR 2017
Dates have been set for the 2017 event, and for the first time we're officially doing a 4 day event. DGRR 2017 will run from Wednesday through Sunday.

For our 13th year we will be celibrating the beauty of the 13b engine. Lets make this is biggest DGRR ever!

Registration Note:
We cannot stress enough that you print your confirmation page after paypal redirects you.
You'll need this information for your lodging etc.

If you have any issues with the site, let me know quickly: reddozen at gmail dot com.